Orchard House NDG - Montessori-based Center for Early Child Development

Bébé Sucré - Childcare Education Centre 

Bonne Aventure - Preschool and Daycare

Le Petits Harvard - Preschool and Daycare

Friends For Mental Health - non-profit bilingual organization serving primarily the West Island of Montreal and guiding families towards new paths in learning to live with mental illness.

Parc-Extension - Art and Movement Workshop

Hochelaga  - " Danse de mouvement de miroir "

L'Octagone  - "Mots en Mouvement"

Saul-Bellow  - "Mots en Mouvement"

La Ruche d'art de la bibliothèque Mordecai-Richler - "Transcendant"


Adults Workshops on October 17 and 24th, 2019 at 4:30 pm 



"Our Magic Inner and Outer World" - Families and Children 18 months to 3 yrs

Saturday, October 19th, 2019 at 10:30 am




"The Amazing Cycle" - Families and Children 3 to 5 yrs -

Saturday November 23rd, 2019 at 10:30 am

YMCA - Health and Fitness - Children & Youth - Community Programs

Workshops for families adults and children on Pedagogical Days, special programs, Spring Break, Summer camps at NDG, Westmount, Cartierville and Saint-Laurent Locations

NDG - Monkland Community Centre - Programs for Children, Teenagers and Adults

Art Neuf Cultural Centre 

Art and Movement Workshops - Families and Children 3-5 yrs - From September 18th to November 20th, 2019

Centre Segal for Performing Arts

Laurus Summer Camps

Concordia Athletics Sports Camps

Camp de jour municipaux à Laval - Campgourou 

Art and movement Workshops for children with Autism - Summer  2019

B.A.S.E - Before and After School Enriched Daycare Program

English Montreal School Board

Creative Arts Educational Core

The Creative Arts Educational Core offers a plethora of activities allowing students to express themselves in new and innovative ways. More than just drawing pretty pictures, the arts have the power to affect the way students feel about themselves, others and life, providing opportunities for creative fulfillment and personal successes.

Royal-Vale Elementary School Enrichment Program

John Caboto Academy - B.A.S.E Enrichment Daycare Program 

Bancroft School - B.A.S.E Enrichment Daycare Program 

The Nook Homeschooling - Arts enrichment program

Roselyn School - After school program

Parkdale School - B.A.S.E Enrichment Daycare Program 

Cedarcrest School - B.A.S.E Enrichment Daycare Program 

St. Raphael School - B.A.S.E Enrichment Daycare Program 

Sinclair Laird School - B.A.S.E Enrichment Daycare Program 

Coronation School - B.A.S.E Enrichment Daycare Program